Why should I choose Főnix?

„We are not offering relaxation… We provide revival through relaxation.”

Several mythologies beginning with the ancient Egyptians, together with the Christianity of the early middle ages took over the figure of the phoenix (in Hungarian: Főnix) bird, which was the symbol of rebirth and eternal youth. A being that is always able to rejuvenate itself by fire, who immerse into the flames and always emerges as reborn. We would like our guests to experience the rejuvenation caused by the calm environment, familiar atmosphere, comfort, thermal water, bathing and the saunas, in order to return to the busy days of life as a new person after the relaxation.

Our hotel welcomes its guests in Bükfürdő, a town laying at the feet of the Alps. Here comes to the surface the miraculous treasure of nature, which makes this town well known, and raises its bath among the best ones in Europe. The thermal water coming from deep within the earth is the real elixir of arthritis, inflammation, sclerosis and several other disease, while it also has a beneficial impact on nervous system.

In the Sauna World one may get rid of toxins and sludge obtained from daily activities, while the numerous services provided by the spa makes the recreation a special treat, both for kids and adults.

After bathing our hotel serves the comfort of our guests with 20 double rooms (in some of them with an additional bed) furnished to give a homey atmosphere. We provide a hearty breakfast in the restaurant of our hotel, and lastly, the day can be highlighted with a pleasant beverage in our drink-bar. To get further experiences during the stay, the sights and historical places of Szombathely, Sopron and Kőszeg are reachable with a short journey. Eventually, if one would like to discover the countryside on foot or by bike, the landscape at the feet of the Alps will never let him or her down.

Immerse in our world!

We look forward to see you with a warm welcome,
Főnix Hotel Bükfürdő